Joe Gerada, the second man in a three way sex orgy in a German brothel with Chris Cardona and a paid prostitute has withdrawn the two libel suits he filed against Daphne Caruana Galizia when she first alleged the occurrence.

With this predictable action of Chris Cardona’s friend and paid advisor (paid by you, not by Chris Cardona in case that was unclear), the sealed mobile phone location records that could corroborate what Daphne Caruana Galizia reported, will likely be destroyed.

There’s still the libel suit against Netnews but it is reasonable to expect that case to have the same fate.

You know how trolls called me a chicken when I replaced my injunction request in court against Owen Bonnici and replaced it with a constitutional law suit? They did that because Owen Bonnici lied and said I withdrew my court action. I didn’t of course. But the perception of withdrawal was the perception of defeat, of surrender in the face of the shock and awe of truth that Owen Bonnici must be right.

Perhaps now they need to turn their glance on Chris Cardona.

The Minister woke up from a night of debauchery reading that Daphne Caruana Galizia was reporting his therapy session for erectile dysfunction the night before in real time. He came guns blazing … wrong verb perhaps, in the circumstances.

In his mind he was sure he could get away with the lie. Any witness would have to admit they were in a brothel and, given he was wearing those shoes (perhaps they give you slippers to match those white bath robes Mario Frendo put on a few days later) he assumed no one in their right mind would stand in open court and admit they were paying for sex.

They would have to do so if they were to testify seeing him there.

He was so sure of himself he did more than sue Daphne Caruana Galizia for libel. Think how a man who beats his wife for no reason, will have to think of a special way to hurt her when he actually has something to be angry about.

An ordinary libel suit to go with the two scores she was already facing would not do.

Instead he used a never before used provision of the law so embarrassing his colleagues rushed to remove it after they realised how dangerous it is. He made the court freeze Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assets in order for her to be able to pay the maximum liability permitted by law for four libel suits filed against her, two by him and two by his secretary, Joe Gerada, with whom he was so familiar he saw more bald skin sparkle in the pink light of Acapulco than most of us would wish to.

For months she became a financial vassal of her husband. For men who think women are merely extensions of their husband’s furniture, this may not actually mean anything. For people who think of women as persons in their own right the fact that she needed her husband to sign her cheque payments is a maddening notion.

On that last, short, car journey she was, at the behest of Chris Cardona and Joe Gerada, rushing out to the bank on one of her manual and pointless errands forced on her by Chris Cardona’s law suits.

Chris Cardona did not think his own phone could testify against him. When Daphne Caruana Galizia called the location of his phone as evidence he fought tooth and nail to have her request denied. He lost that battle and Daphne sat back waiting to have the envelope unsealed and Chris Cardona’s political fate sealed instead. Justice would be done.

But it was denied her, in this as in so many more respects. She was killed.

Chris Cardona forced on Daphne’s heirs the manoeuvre of calling on the courts to close the libel case as he simply refused to give any evidence for his libel claim one pointless session after another. He tried to spin that as the Caruana Galizias withdrawing until of course he was reminded he had every right to reopen the case. He let that time limit expire.

But there was still the case of Joe Gerada and the same phone records were to be used as evidence in that case.

Let’s put it this way: Joe Gerada’s ex wife made her own assessments about what her husband was up to that night in Velbert. She filed for separation and asked the court for permission to use the same phone records as evidence. In that case permission was denied so a possible leak for Chris Cardona was closed.

But Joe Gerada’s own libel suits remained a place where the truth, known and reported by Daphne Caruana Galizia, would be proven, again.

They ask you, ‘where’s the proof?’ And the answer lies in the evidence which they hide.

Shagging prostitutes for money is not even the worst thing committed by our government Ministers in office that Daphne Caruana Galizia reported. And unlike his suppressed phone records, there is evidence of crime we have read.

And yet, there they stay, laughing at you.

If you think you’re helpless to change anything, then you are. Or perhaps you could join us demanding Truth and Justice at the protest in Valletta on the afternoon of 14th October. It’s not that you owe it to Daphne Caruana Galizia. There’s no debt you can pay her now. You owe it to yourself.