This article on The Atlantic was published yesterday. It discusses the work of the Daphne Project and the unique event of journalists from all over the world coming together to continue the work of one of their own killed in the line of duty.

This particular feature contains something very rare. A response by our government to questions put to it by a journalist. If you want to call it a response. It’s actually Kurt Farrugia reading from a script about his boss’s “commitment to uphold human rights, freedom of speech, the protection of journalists and the rule of law”.

They talk as if the rest of the world has no eyes with which to see what’s really happening here. 

“My mother was assassinated for reporting on corruption in Malta,” Matthew Caruana Galizia is quoted tweeting on the anniversary of his mother’s death. “The people who did it are still free. They sit in parliament and on private jets. It is that simple.”

It is indeed.