(Reuters. Published on La Repubblica)

I’m translating the concluding paragraph of yesterday’s La Repubblica coverage of the street march in Valletta last night:

“One thing is certain. The feeling at this time in Malta is that the parted seas will now not flood over again and more importantly no one in Castille is any more in control of this game. There are too many moving parts now. Perhaps it will not be necessary to wait another 365 days to know a truth. Not least because journalism, represented yesterday in a loud international voice, will not stop doing its job. That’s the job of informing. And the task of not stopping when faced by those who think they can brush of facts or twist the reporting of truth as some ‘mud-slinging campaign’ or to try to delegitimise news and to deny them with clumsy spinning hatchet jobs: perhaps with the help of some voices from local journalism. The same voices that isolated Daphne before someone decided to shut her up for good”.

Read the detailed report here.