Sometimes, rarely, a Guest Post is sent to me in verse. This was sent by someone known to me.


She looks at you quite calmly
Never angry nor perturbed
She looks at you yet sharply
Your every move observed

She knows you know
You know she knows
That’s it’s too late for you
The act was done and can’t be undone and what was done is true

She told us so, many moons ago
About the way, false men make hay
While the sun shines on their faces
About all their airs and graces

Parading themselves as law abiding
Yet from the law they shy in hiding
Blocking the truth at every turn
To steal what they could never earn

Black or white red or green
The dice will land on 17
While anger will confusion bring
She smiles she waits she knows a thing

Money greed right or wrong
From who to heed the truthful song
A noose tightens around their neck
All hell breaks loose as vultures peck

The state no longer draped in graces
Shamed instead like those now tanned faces
That find themselves in dire straits
Awaiting now their deserved fate

The sound of time the ticking clock
That struck before the fatal shock
Keeps ticking on as it did before
It cost a pound but now costs more

Too late for her – her time had come
Too late for us the end begun
At three fifteen the sound of thunder
The end of mother nature’s wonder

Yet time and truth are such good friends
That lies and cunning can never bend
In the end you will be caught
The battle won the battle fought.