This Guest Post was sent in by someone known to me who wanted to send a message to the PN leader and leadership team.

Photo: The Malta Independent

I hope you have heard that last Saturday. The people have spoken, or rather, they have shouted very loud and clear. The message is “ċar daqs il-kristall” that the ‘New Way’ is getting the party nowhere worth going. It is black on white, the writing is clear. And had more people gone to vote, the result would have been more disastrous. Finding comfort in a smaller defeat than expected is not on; telling people to not give up and look ahead is insulting. If you, Dr Delia, and your team are happy to be “it-tieni l-akbar partit”, well, I’m not. And many are not either. What are we to expect now? A consolation prize? A medal of participation?

Your New Way has not improved the situation. It’s not working. You may have tried, but you have failed. It’s useless trying to point fingers here, there and everywhere, and trying to make up excuses of all sorts. One thing that should help you realise this is the fact that up to the election, the PN had 3 seats in the European Parliament. Now it has 2. I wonder who we should thank for that. Fortunately these 2 MEPs are Roberta Metsola and David Casa – that too should be a hint.

Wake up! All of you! If you say that you listen to the people and that you want to be in touch with them, then open your ears wide. It’s not that hard to decipher the message. Don’t just ‘humbly’ accept the electorate’s decision and election result. I saw nothing humble in that. All I could see was arrogance, selfishness and greed. Some say that you are in denial. I disagree. I believe you are all perfectly aware of the situation, but refuse, stubbornly, to do something about it. And there is only one thing to do. Leave. Bow out. Be truly humble and call it a day. Shoulder your responsibility, all of you.

Because the time will come when you will definitely have to. Not a very long time from now, just after the next general election. And when you leave then, there will probably be nothing left of the Nationalist Party for your successor to save.