Alex Perici Calascione ran for PN leader with Frank Portelli, Chris Said and Adrian Delia. He came third in that campaign. Both for winners and losers leadership campaigns can raise the stature of participants and not all that thrown in the hat fancy their chances of winning. They hope however that their dignity, their presence and their behaviour during the campaign earns them the respect which they can exchange in future roles in a political party.

Alex Perici Calascione’s stature grew during that campaign alongside Chris Said’s.

During the Adrian Delia months he kept a low profile avoiding directly confronting Adrian Delia in the frequent moments of crisis whatever he may have felt about the PN leader being accused in court for domestic abuse, or being the subject of an investigation for money laundering, or attempting to fire his predecessor over the Egrant conclusions and so on.

It seems that yesterday’s election result brought Alex Perici Calascione forward. I’m going to go out on a limb here but when I read this Facebook post, I see more than an appeal to common sense, while it is that too. In the phrase “no one is greater than the party,” I read the challenge to the party leader who seems to think that the worst electoral result in the history of the PN is not a good enough reason to resign. I read therefore that Alex Perici Calascione thinks Adrian Delia ought to submit himself to the interests of the PN and quit the leadership.

He may reply to this to say that’s not what he meant.

Either way, at some point someone needs to quit the subtleties because it doesn’t look like Adrian Delia is squinting hard enough to read between the lines.