Robert Musumeci left the TVM’s studios with what he must think is his killing quip. The PN is paying the price for “a blog for 10 years that destroyed people”.

After all this time that Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed in a car bomb, they still can’t bring themselves to say her name. But they can still blame her for an election result nineteen months after she was assassinated.

When Musumeci left, the PN wheel out Frank Portelli, of all people.

He thinks the PN is losing an election because it did not check “a forged signature” in the Egrant evidence pack.

One dinasour needs another. Godfrey Grima sits next to him to say that the “Egrant disaster” broke the national equilibrium.

Joseph Muscat is a religion. Anyone outside, is an infidel. They don’t count. Alive or death.

Godfrey Grima’s advice to Adrian Delia is to detach himself from the poison within the PN that is critical of Joseph Muscat, that tells the world there is no rule of law, obviously, he says, lying when they do so.

The narrative is crisp and clear. You’re either with Adrian (and therefore with Joseph), or “the people” will have you shut up.

There’s no one out there giving an alternative point of view.

There’s no one out there that is going to get serious about what this result really means.