You see a news story like this on the national broadcaster about a man who marked May Day with 11 mannequins outside his main door presumably discarded by a factory showroom selling corporate uniforms or a second rate sex shop whose line of blow-up dolls has been withdrawn because of reported spontaneous combustion …

And what you want to do when you see that story is figuring out a psychological profile that would make it inappropriate or politically incorrect to crack jokes at the expense of someone whose social psychosis requires sympathy rather than mockery.

And then you find out that the man who thinks this is ‘decoration’ (who knows if their suffering cohabitants in his house agree?) is a political candidate for the Labour Party.

And then, somehow, it all makes sense.

Mr Jorge Grech (was Ġorġ too native for your parents?) apparently ‘decorates’ his facade according to the season. Here’s his driveway on Valentine’s Day. 

And this is it on St Patrick’s. 


He now thinks his entire village should benefit from what his Facebook Page describes as “Żabbari potential”. Can’t wait to see down-town Ħaż Żabbar on Halloween under Jorge Grech’s stewardship.

After the plug on TVM, Jorge won’t mind some promotion on this blog I should imagine. And if you haven’t slapped yourself quite enough yet, here’s another good reason for a facepalm. Mr Grech works for Heritage Malta. We’re all right.

Go get them, Jorge. What’s a Maltese village without sex toys with fake beards?