If you haven’t yet found time to read this today, please do so now.

Tomorrow our case in front of the Court continues. Just shy of 20 months ago then Chief Justice Silvio Camilleri said in his remarks that we should not expect miracles from Judges and Magistrates. After all, they can only deal with cases brought to them.

What stays outside the Courtroom they can only complain about but have no power to deal with. Even if the rule of law becomes the rule of delinquents.

Well, Repubblika is bringing some important questions to the Courts now.

From today’s The Sunday Times of Malta editorial: “The mantle for upholding constitutional provisions on judicial impartiality and independence, seen as being impinged by the mechanism of judicial appointments, has therefore passed to the constitutional courts themselves.”

We’ll be submitting the best case we possibly can. Someone has to.