Someone caught Ian Borg throw in a swear word on TV. The video made the rounds. I wasn’t shocked and I was not going to pretend I was. It’s a bit uncouth perhaps but it happens. God knows it happens to me, though a little bit of self-awareness normally means you can avoid swearing mid-sentence on TV.

Net TV decided to make a bit of fuss, as is their wont.

Ian Borg could have ignored them and privately enjoyed the unwarranted attention. Or he could have said ‘Look, sorry, it slipped. I’ll be more careful next time’.

But that would be acknowledging even the slightest blemish on his divine status. You see, he never swore. We just imagined it. It’s not the video we saw that showed him swearing. It’s the nasty Nationalists that lied about him.

Because he’d never swear. He said “ħa qalanqas”, as one does.

Funny thing is my dictionary has definitions for “ħaqq” and for “alla” but it has no idea what “qalanqas” means. I checked. I feel a bit of an idiot now.

As Alessandra Dee Crespo told Ian Borg, when in a hole …