Yorgen Fenech’s lawyer posted on his Facebook wall a call for the police to prosecute me for, he says, attacking the credibility of Judge Giovanni Grixti to influence the outcome of Yorgen Fenech’s application for bail.

I will let you know what happens, if anything happens.

Yorgen Fenech’s lawyer is Charles Mercieca. He’s the guy who switched sides from the prosecutor’s office to take up Yorgen Fenech’s defence brief overnight. He’s the guy who is facing charges for attempting to bribe a journalist to ensure favourable reporting for his client, alleged journalist-killer, Yorgen Fenech.

His client, Yorgen Fenech, plotted to sue me for “an absurd figure” in a UK court when I dared describe the implications of the significance of the news that he owned 17 Black. In the meantime, he got local lawyers to try to scare me with lawsuits for questioning how one of the Degiorgio hit men cleared hundreds of thousands of euro through his casino.

If Charles Mercieca is right and it is indeed illegal to point out that a judge hearing an application for bail has a record that suggests proximity to the accused, then we’ll have to see what the consequences of that are.

I’m rather fascinated by the fact that Charles Mercieca thinks that my reporting and commentary yesterday could have had the effect of “influencing the outcome of Yorgen Fenech’s application for bail”. Charles Mercieca seems to think Judge Giovanni Grixti could have, would have, been influenced by press reports. I think he’ll probably find the judge unhappy with how poorly Charles Mercieca regards him.

Perhaps more poorly now, a day after he rejected his client’s bail plea.

If Charles Mercieca regards me as poorly, and thinks I am also susceptible to change what I do or what I say under the influence of what someone might write about it on their Facebook page, I am pleased to disabuse Charles Mercieca of that idea.

Or better still his client. Nothing Yorgen Fenech has done so far, no threat, no plot, no ham-fisted attempt to discredit me through his mouthpieces and cronies, not even, and especially not even having killed another journalist (allegedly), has so far stopped me writing about the crimes he’s (allegedly) involved in.

Charles Mercieca can tell his client that this morning’s risible effort won’t work either.