Earlier I wrote about the Opposition sleeping on the job, not being alert enough to oppose a motion by the government appointing Rosianne Cutajar to Parliament’s health committee. In its defence the Opposition called it a motion by stealth.

That was a weird way to describe anything moved in Parliament because all motions are read out for the record  and the Speaker is required to call for any votes against.

Christoph Schwaiger on his Twitter account posted this video of the fleeting moment when the motion was adopted. If the Opposition were sleeping on the job, it didn’t need to be a long slumber. It didn’t need to be a cat nap. They could have just been blinking at the wrong time.

Watch the video in the tweet. This, believe it or not, is your Parliament. That vote-calling procedure would have been deemed inadequate if the Qala Boċċi Club was voting on whose turn it was to take out the rubbish on the black bag day.

Chris Fearne to Anġlu Farrugia: wham bam thank you, onorevoli.