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When is a university not a university? (3)

2019-06-06T12:47:51+02:00Thu, 6th Jun '19, 16:17|

This is the third part of a series arising from an interview with an ex-staff member at the AUM. Part 1 is here. ‘Whenever a theory appears to you as the only possible one, take this as a sign that you have neither understood the theory nor the problem which it was intended to solve.’ [...]

When is a university not a university? (2)

2019-06-05T16:19:30+02:00Wed, 5th Jun '19, 16:17|

This is the second part of a series arising from an interview with an ex-staff member at the AUM. Part 1 is here. According to the information originally published on its website, the American University of Malta ‘was officially born on 16 September 2016’ although what it was actually doing at this time is open [...]

When is a university not a university? (1)

2019-06-04T16:22:17+02:00Tue, 4th Jun '19, 16:17|

Following on from an article recently published in The Shift News, this is the first part of a series by Lizzie Eldridge arising from an interview with an ex-staff member at the American University of Malta (AUM). The series pursues a range of links and pathways triggered by this interview. There’s an absurdist play by [...]

GUEST POST: Let me remind you, Owen

2019-04-21T15:28:44+02:00Sun, 21st Apr '19, 15:28|

Owen Bonnici has written a piece about culture.  Or so he claims. In actual fact, it’s an advertising promo for Heritage Malta’s Heritage Passport and this is the only example of ‘culture’ he alludes to throughout, trumpeting its success with the words ‘let me remind you’. How could we forget when only two minutes ago, [...]

GUEST POST: Through a Glass, Darkly

2019-04-05T06:38:32+02:00Fri, 5th Apr '19, 06:38|

St Paul, or so the story goes, arrived in Malta in 60 AD. Blown by the shipwrecks of fate, it’s widely believed he brought Christianity to these shores.  Good job he arrived before he’d have been jeered off the island with taunts of ‘Go back home to your own country!’ We should be grateful, too, [...]

Guest post: Prosit-Proset Tassew Onorevoli Owen Bonnici: No Stone Left Unturned?

2018-10-08T11:12:30+02:00Mon, 8th Oct '18, 11:12|

By Lizzie Eldridge: Prosit-proset, Ministru, for your reply to my article published last Monday which described in detail our conversation of Tuesday 18th September 2018, only days after you gave direct orders for flowers and candles to be removed from the now barricaded monument in Great Siege Square. Oh, you ordered that to be boarded [...]

Guest Post: Owen and Me

2018-10-01T11:16:26+02:00Mon, 1st Oct '18, 11:16|

By Lizzie Eldridge On the afternoon of Tuesday 18th September 2018 –  two days after I’d spent the night protecting flowers and candles from a possible ruthless assault by the government-controlled forces of the Cleansing Services Department – I had the (mis)fortune to bump into Owen Bonnici, the Minister for Justice and Culture, on Republic [...]

Guest Post: Theatre of the Absurd in Malta

2018-09-28T10:32:07+02:00Fri, 28th Sep '18, 10:32|

A play by Lizzie Eldridge is premiering tonight as part of the Valletta 2018 program. The playwright is missing the premiere. Here she explains why. It’s a real privilege, you’d think, to have your work chosen as part of the programme for a European Capital of Culture.  And tonight, my play Friefet Bojod premieres at [...]

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