Kurt’s pyrrhic victories

2018-04-04T10:47:37+02:00Wed, 4th Apr '18, 10:16|

Kurt Farrugia does not get much cause to celebrate these days. The response of the Ambassadors’ Club at the Council of Europe to questions from a Dutch MP sitting in the Parliamentary Assembly gave him some sort of platform. It’s not that hard to understand how this works. An Opposition MP in the Maltese Parliament [...]

The Wizard of Oz

2018-04-03T14:07:21+02:00Tue, 3rd Apr '18, 14:07|

Using his Australia trip to announce his intention to allow Maltese living abroad to vote in national elections is not a coincidence. With Joseph Muscat nothing is. His remark, on an ethnic radio show in Maltese for Maltese-Australian listeners, was addressed to a very specific audience: Maltese-Australians. The context of his remark was a follow-up [...]

The national inquisitors

2018-04-03T20:14:56+02:00Tue, 3rd Apr '18, 13:25|

The petition to have the Archbishop of Malta removed if he does not resign of his own accord has been bumped off Change.org. Facebook and other social media outlets have enough problems as it is with people using it as a vehicle for Fake News. The blatant lie that the Archbishop said the provenance of [...]

All holders of passports from citizenship-selling jurisdictions will be considered high risk – report

2018-04-03T07:37:15+02:00Tue, 3rd Apr '18, 07:37|

EU, US and Canada planning security clampdown on passport holders from countries that sell citizenship. Security concerns about acquirers of passports from third party small island states are reported to have caused major jurisdictions to review their immigration protocols and revise the face value status of holders of passports from these countries as ‘high risk’. [...]

What the MFSA does not explain

2018-04-02T12:48:47+02:00Mon, 2nd Apr '18, 12:48|

It’s all well and good for the MFSA to assure us that its regulatory function was fully exercised while Pilatus Bank was in business. (See their statement below). They tell us they engaged an overseas “intelligence” firm before licensing Pilatus and they kept the bank on a diet of inspections and verification while it exercised [...]

GUEST POST: Pavlov Mark 2

2018-04-02T11:52:32+02:00Mon, 2nd Apr '18, 11:52|

The following guest post from someone known to me reacts to this earlier post of mine in which I wrote that Joseph Muscat "treats the population like Pavlov treated his dogs and no wonder. So many oblige."  ‘Joseph Muscat treats the population like Pavlov treated his dogs.’ Having a background in psychology I couldn’t help but smile [...]

G Farrugia Calleja: Plough on, indecently.

2018-04-01T09:12:43+02:00Sun, 1st Apr '18, 08:49|

By George Farrugia Calleja who here makes an analogy with the third Godfather movie. The comparisons of Joseph Muscat's behaviour this Good Friday with the mafia are irresistible and so correct. I saw someone write 'Puttinu o Plomo'. Quite. Let’s be charitable and surmise that Premier Muscat was suffering from severe jet-lag when he phoned [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Who is the boss?

2018-04-01T08:04:33+02:00Sun, 1st Apr '18, 08:04|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "It is very hard for people to admit they have been fooled. Even if it is ever proven beyond any doubt that the sort of manipulative techniques used by Cambridge Analytica elsewhere were also applied here, few are going to admit, even to themselves, that without these [...]

Kathimerini interview with Maria Efimova

2018-03-31T17:05:13+02:00Sat, 31st Mar '18, 17:05|

Kathimerini is a Greek daily newspaper recognised as the newspaper of record there. An abridged English version is also published with principal circulation in the United States. The newspaper interviewed Maria Efimova about how she gave herself up to Greek authorities and why she wishes to avoid extradition to Malta. This is a link to [...]

He gave them 5 passports

2018-03-31T08:31:00+02:00Sat, 31st Mar '18, 08:19|

I’m stepping right into it. Joseph Muscat’s phone call to Xarabank to announce a 5 million euro donation to the child cancer fund raiser is despicable. It is a low moral point reached by someone for whom morality is barely a memory. It is a sociopathic scheme worthy of the Brooklyn gangs who ‘took care [...]

Reuters report on Maria Efimova’s reasons to fear for her life

2018-03-30T16:37:49+02:00Fri, 30th Mar '18, 16:37|

“She received a message that, ‘you have to protect yourself’ and therefore she went to seek for this protection from the Greek police,” Maria Efimova's lawyer said. He did not say who sent Efimova the message.  Read Reuter's full report of their interview with Alexandros Papasteriopoulo. The hearing of her case is scheduled for 12th April. [...]

It’s too late to pretend Ali Sadr has nothing to do with Malta

2018-03-29T14:54:52+02:00Thu, 29th Mar '18, 14:54|

Ali Sadr's arrest damages Malta. It does not matter he's not accused of crimes committed in Malta. That's only because he's not being arraigned in Malta by Maltese authorities for breaching Maltese laws. But he's been arraigned in the United States by US authorities for breaching American laws. It does not matter he's not accused [...]

‘The Liquidator’ is now ‘The Warden’

2018-03-29T14:34:54+02:00Thu, 29th Mar '18, 14:34|

Last November I wrote about political appointments that reduce our country's ability to protect human rights. Here's how I had reacted to Andy Ellul's appointment to head the Monitoring Board for Detained Persons. "A prison monitoring board is not appointed to implement government policy. On the contrary it is set up by law under our [...]

Andrea Purgatori contrasts the consequences of journalists being killed in Slovakia and Malta

2018-03-29T13:23:27+02:00Thu, 29th Mar '18, 13:23|

In his weekly Atlantide on La7 Andrea Purgatori yesterday discussed freedom of expression in a world of data manipulation, persecution of whistle-blowers and the killing of journalists. Here are links to two extracts from yesterday's show. Data Killer, l'uccisione di Daphne Caruana Galizia nel racconto di Andrea Purgatori Data Killer, le società offshore a Malta [...]

Panto banker

2018-03-29T10:38:55+02:00Thu, 29th Mar '18, 09:41|

This is from last year's La Valette u t-Tlett Muskuttieri Maltese language panto. There's an Ali Sadr character singing an Abba tune. https://www.facebook.com/tonio.bronk.3/videos/215761295839482/ MONEY, MONEY, MONEY Jekk xi muniti msaddin, bhad-deheb u l-fidda nġibhom jien, l-aqwa żmien! Liri jew ewro imkemmxin, inġibhom ġodda mogħddijin, minxurin. Jien ix-xogħol tiegħi ta’ bankier Indur mad-dinja, b’dal-mistier L-Indja, l-Amerika [...]

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