GUEST POST: Who is the traitor then?

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From someone known to me:

Quite apart from the massive implications for us as a nation of the contempt shown for Joseph Muscat’s governance standards by the EU Parliament last Wednesday, there are some other considerations that deserve some focus.

Joseph Muscat’s cheer-leaders in the EUP, led by the anti-EU flag-waver in-chief Dr Alfred Sant, whose anti-EU sentiments do not extend to keeping him from accepting his honorarium as an MEP, failed miserably in their quest to rally their fellow travellers to their Leader’s cause. Europe’s socialists – bar a miserly few – were not moved to give their chum their support, indeed many actually voted against him.

Let’s be clear about this: they did not vote ‘against Malta’, as MEP Marlene Mizzi, in her inimitable and contemptible style, tried to imply on Twitter. They voted in disgust at the way Malta is being governed by Joseph Muscat and his cronies – in this they were voting for Malta, rather than against it.

The corollary to the vote, of course, is that the jibe of ‘traitors’ directed at the non-MLP MEPs, Casa, Metsola and Zammit Dimech fell flat on its face. It bounced back to smear Sant, Dalli and Mizzi with their own slime: they are the traitors to our country, they are the people who tried to whitewash the awfulness that Joseph Muscat’s chosen manner of governance has visited upon us.

Joseph Muscat’s support-base in the EUP at the moment ranges from assorted loony-lefties to the likes of Farage and similar unmentionables. I have no idea, and couldn’t be fagged to check, if Farage deigned to cast his vote in league with his compatriot in cynicism, Alfred Sant, but these are the sort of people who support Muscat and with friends like that, well, you know the rest of the old saw.

It would be amusing, were the overall context not so horrific, to hear the amazing amount of rubbish being spewed by Muscat’s apologists, ineptly led by the Dalli-Mizzi-Sant Threesome, about why the EUP voted against Joseph Muscat.

One of the best I heard was that the MEPs who voted against were doing this out of narrow parochial interests, because they are jealous of Malta’s economic success and want to obstruct it in every way possible. Quite apart from the stark fact that this economic success is based on the sale of EU Passports to a great degree and in spite of Muscat’s Minister’s ineptness to an almost equal degree (traffic solutions, anyone?) do please remember that we’re talking about a country that is about the size of a small town in most of the EU countries. True, we punch above our weight (no thanks to Muscat) but not to the extent that the massed ranks of MEPs would worry about us.

The other really good one is that the PN masterminded the whole thing out of purely partisan interests.

Yeah, right, the PN, which currently couldn’t manage a fenkata in Mġarr without having the Commissioner of Police organise it for them, managed to lobby the vast majority of MEPs to their cause.

Pull the other one, why don’t you, it has bells on.