And it will be voting on it Wednesday.

It will obviously require at least half of the Parliament’s MEPs to vote for it in order to be approved. That’s more than double the MEPs within the EPP of which the PN is a member.

If this motion is approved, it will signify a massive political consensus of the only directly elected branch of European government, that Malta’s democracy is precarious and its rule of law in such a state of jeopardy that it requires monitoring by European institutions.

If this motion is approved, it will be the strongest message yet from the wide world out there that, how do I put this? Ah yes: that there are crooks everywhere you look now. The situation is truly desperate.

Read the draft text of the motion here and share the shame. Feel the love you hold your country in, hurt by the willful attack of Joseph Muscat and his Panama gang who cared nothing for the reputation of Malta but rather for their benefit and the benefit of their bosses and their cronies.

Draft Malta Resolution