The following reply was sent in by Dr Juliana Scerri Ferrante in response to an earlier post of mine. I am obviously happy to carry responses by people mentioned in my post particularly on matters of fact. In the interest of fairness responses are not open to comments unless again on points of fact.

From Dr Scerri Ferrante:

Whilst I respect the freedom of speech, I feel it is pertinent to note that in respect of your post of Nov 3, my appointment as Chairperson of the Immigration Appeals Board is only a result of my qualifications and competence to carry out such duties, having 21 years of experience in the criminal field including immigration issues. Moreover I together with Dr David Zammit LL.D have planned and organised and will soon launch a new course in Migration Law and Society at the University of Malta and I also lecture Immigration Law, as well as participate in Immigration conferences abroad.
In regards to my other passion, this being fashion and also the promotion of Malta’s fashion culture abroad, so much so, that I  founded the Chamber of Fashion Malta , this activity in no way includes me being a dressmaker as I am surely not.