I received this press release:

On Thursday there will be a silent walk in honour of Daphne Caruana Galizia, who exactly one month ago was brutally assassinated in a car bomb in Malta, 16th October 2017.

The walk will start from Valletta’s main entrance at 18:30, and walk through

Republic Street to where Daphne’s Memorial is located, next to The Great Siege Monument

She was assassinated because she stood alone, and yet, even now, so many are feeling left alone, having so many questions left unanswered so much unaccountability from those who are supposed to be protecting us.

Our message to everyone is, don’t give up. Don’t expect others to do the dirty work, don’t be afraid to get out on the streets and don’t feel as though this is a lost battle. So much good has come out of fighting for what people believe in around the world – Malta is no different. Please encourage others, to fight the battle from the streets, and not from behind their screens. We owe it to Daphne, we owe it to Malta. Reviving Daphne’s memorial space serves as a reminder to everyone that the fight goes on until we see this change and until we see justice. Therefore attendees are encouraged to bring flowers, plants, and candles.

We will also be handing out bay leaves and gold markers to everyone, to leave a one worded message on each leaf, which will be left at the memorial area.

This event is being organised by Tina Urso, Lelly Fenech, Becky Vella and Emma Paris – four women who strongly take a stand against corruption, lack of transparency and impunity in Malta.