Do please read today’s leader on Times of Malta.

It warns off Jason Micallef, Ray Azzopardi and others who think that since Valletta is Tagħna Lkoll, no one has the right to protest against the government.

Here’s what they had to say about the vicious clamour to “clean out” the people’s memorial to Daphne around the Great Siege Memorial: “The flowers and messages at the memorial come from a people who care, who cannot put up anymore with the degenerate state of the country. Mr Micallef and the Labour members of the Valletta local council would do well to keep their hands off that makeshift memorial. People are already angry.”

The Valletta Local Council is debating a motion to have the memorial “cleaned out” on Tuesday 13th February at 6.30pm. The Council meets at their new town hall in the former Cafè Premiere and Council meetings are open to the public. I intend to attend, armed with my weapon of choice: a bunch of flowers. Whatever the Council resolves, I will then proceed to exercise my right to lay flowers when and where I please.

Il-Belt Valletta Tagħna Wkoll thank you very much.