Here are two comments from two different people about how the Republic Street memorial calling for justice elicits responses that do not make it to Super 1’s angry reports on ‘provocations’.

Know that the people do care .

Yesterday I was in Valletta with a group of ladies, celebrating a friend’s birthday. None of the ladies voice their political opinions like I do. They talk about everything, laugh and share worries but not politics.

At the end of the lengthy late lunch I asked them all to join me to go put a candle on Daphne’s memorial. They all jumped up and said yes to my delight, I found they have been following, they are angry.Together we ploughed through the carnival crowd and then they formed a semi circle around me, while I lit and placed the candle on the memorial.

We said a prayer and realised that other by standers nodded and gave us approving smiles . This whole thing gave me a ray of hope.

Please keep writing and informing. People are reading. People do care even if they are silent.

When the time comes they all have a weapon which they will use .This powerful weapon is their vote.

I say this because I believe that the only way out for justice to prevail is voting the regime out when the time comes. So I feel it vital that people keep being constantly informed. Persistence and Perseverance. May god bless you and your pen.


From a tourist guide in his seventies:

As I exit St John’s Co-Cathedral with tourists before I can even start to point out the Great Siege memorial they’re talking and asking loads of questions about Daphne. Tourists know the story before I have to tell them anything about it. They stop to take photos and admire the sincerity and solemnity of the sit.

It’s become a major tourist attraction.