From my piece on The Sunday Times today:

“A man who introduced himself as a pros­pective candidate to the mayorship of Valletta said he “did not altogether agree with Daphne’s killing” but a memorial of flowers in Valletta was offensive to his constituents.

“Another man pretended to squeal in agony because one of Daphne’ sisters pointed at his phone. He did not seem to appreciate the irony of playing victim in front of the real victim’s family, and how ridiculous he seemed to play frightened of a woman half his size.

“It seems incredible to me that these two men could walk out of the room and straight to the comfort of their Facebook pages to describe themselves as victims and, in the case of one of them, attracting a statement of solidarity from the association of State-funded propagandists that calls itself the Institute of Maltese Journalists.

“Following in Joseph Muscat’s footsteps is a marching army of soulless zombies claiming victimhood even as they still tear at the journalist who stood up to them.”

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