G Farrugia Calleja: Plough on, indecently.

2018-04-01T09:12:43+02:00Sun, 1st Apr '18, 08:49|

By George Farrugia Calleja who here makes an analogy with the third Godfather movie. The comparisons of Joseph Muscat's behaviour this Good Friday with the mafia are irresistible and so correct. I saw someone write 'Puttinu o Plomo'. Quite. Let’s be charitable and surmise that Premier Muscat was suffering from severe jet-lag when he phoned [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Who is the boss?

2018-04-01T08:04:33+02:00Sun, 1st Apr '18, 08:04|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "It is very hard for people to admit they have been fooled. Even if it is ever proven beyond any doubt that the sort of manipulative techniques used by Cambridge Analytica elsewhere were also applied here, few are going to admit, even to themselves, that without these [...]

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