Decision to refuse extradition of Maria Efimova appealed

2018-04-13T16:16:07+02:00Fri, 13th Apr '18, 16:16|

Reuters report that a Greek prosecutor appealed on Friday against the rejection of a Maltese request to extradite Maria Efimova, the whistle-blower who was one of the sources of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The appeal follows a court ruling on Thursday against extraditing Efimova to Malta. That court ordered Maria Efimova's release. Following the prosecutor's appeal, Greece's [...]

Republik: Joseph Muscat is a European problem.

2018-04-13T11:33:57+02:00Fri, 13th Apr '18, 11:33|

Swiss online publication Republik closed today its trilogy on Malta in the aftermath of the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The first two pieces were linked here. A loose translation of an extract from its conclusion: "Our research could not clarify who killed her. Many said they had proof, but nobody had any. "What is clear, [...]

La Repubblica: Malta, the island of impunity. Here’s who wants to cloud the truth on Daphne

2018-04-13T11:16:22+02:00Fri, 13th Apr '18, 11:16|

La Repubblica runs a double-page spread today by Carlo Bonini and Giuliano Foschini that is introduced on the newspaper's front page with the heading "This is how Malta destroys even the ghost of Daphne in order to cloud the truth". The report speaks of the frequent and repeated destruction of the memorial to Daphne in [...]

GUEST POST: Alpha Librae

2018-04-13T08:06:38+02:00Fri, 13th Apr '18, 08:06|

I received this note from the author of the verses beneath: "These are some thoughts which I have jotted down whilst I have been thinking about Daphne’s 6th month anniversary. I live abroad but I know exactly where I was when the perpetual night fell on our country. The piece is called Alpha Librae, as [...]

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