Joseph Muscat: “Labour cannot revert to its past as one of the most morally corrupt parties Malta ever had”.

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The exact quote is "Labour cannot afford to revert to tactics, style and people which in the past have made it one of the most morally, physically and ideologically corrupt parties which our country ever had". This bout of uncharacteristic sincerity was written on the 25th September 1998 and Joseph Muscat was going through a [...]

GUEST POST: On carrying responsibility

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By Charles Schembri: Irrespective of one’s opinions facts are facts. Fact is truth; and yet fact is subject to one’s interpretation of circumstances. Once again I would go back on the essence of Truth (or Un-Truth). It is so simple to understand. Heidegger would state that the proposal “this is genuine gold” is truth; but [...]

#rehashed #sowhat

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When Daphne Caruana Galizia a year ago and further back wrote about a bank in Malta set up to service the Azerbaijan regime, she was accused of lying. When she reported how its clients included the children of Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, Labour told her she was inventing things. When she reported how the energy [...]

Amorality in 9 words

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Luciano Busuttil, not famous for his intellectual depth and sharp wit, sums up Labour's political philosophy in a precis so elegant you could put a top hat on it and take it to the opera. We have money. Doesn't matter how we got it. Doesn't matter if it's not sustainable. Doesn't matter if we exploited [...]

READ: The Guardian on Joseph Muscat’s career

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Read this detailed article that traces Joseph Muscat's story since his election as prime minister in 2013, seen as a darling of the European Socialists, and his downfall since a fateful meeting he had very early on with Christian Kaelin and Ali Sadr. There was a wedding he flew to in 2015. The groom is [...]

GUEST POST: Truth Be Wrote

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By Andrew Borg-Cardona: Dwardu l-Profs wrote a big letter to the FT, so I thought I’d add some scurrilous comments in the form of his inner thoughts while writing. My bits are in italics.  The Editor The Financial Times You (and many many others) have devoted a significant amount of (really really negative but totally [...]

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