The Wizard of Oz

2018-04-03T14:07:21+02:00Tue, 3rd Apr '18, 14:07|

Using his Australia trip to announce his intention to allow Maltese living abroad to vote in national elections is not a coincidence. With Joseph Muscat nothing is. His remark, on an ethnic radio show in Maltese for Maltese-Australian listeners, was addressed to a very specific audience: Maltese-Australians. The context of his remark was a follow-up [...]

The national inquisitors

2018-04-03T20:14:56+02:00Tue, 3rd Apr '18, 13:25|

The petition to have the Archbishop of Malta removed if he does not resign of his own accord has been bumped off Facebook and other social media outlets have enough problems as it is with people using it as a vehicle for Fake News. The blatant lie that the Archbishop said the provenance of [...]

All holders of passports from citizenship-selling jurisdictions will be considered high risk – report

2018-04-03T07:37:15+02:00Tue, 3rd Apr '18, 07:37|

EU, US and Canada planning security clampdown on passport holders from countries that sell citizenship. Security concerns about acquirers of passports from third party small island states are reported to have caused major jurisdictions to review their immigration protocols and revise the face value status of holders of passports from these countries as ‘high risk’. [...]

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