What the MFSA does not explain

2018-04-02T12:48:47+02:00Mon, 2nd Apr '18, 12:48|

It’s all well and good for the MFSA to assure us that its regulatory function was fully exercised while Pilatus Bank was in business. (See their statement below). They tell us they engaged an overseas “intelligence” firm before licensing Pilatus and they kept the bank on a diet of inspections and verification while it exercised [...]

GUEST POST: Pavlov Mark 2

2018-04-02T11:52:32+02:00Mon, 2nd Apr '18, 11:52|

The following guest post from someone known to me reacts to this earlier post of mine in which I wrote that Joseph Muscat "treats the population like Pavlov treated his dogs and no wonder. So many oblige."  ‘Joseph Muscat treats the population like Pavlov treated his dogs.’ Having a background in psychology I couldn’t help but smile [...]

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