UPDATED: Vigils on 16th April, 6 months from the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia

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12.04.2018 19:07 Adds details of vigil in Washington DC Apart from the vigil held in Valletta on Monday 16th April in the evening, here is information about vigils being held in other European cities. 1. UK Location: Malta High Commission Address: Malta House, 36-38 Piccadilly, W1J 0DP London, United Kingdom Time: 1pm - 2pm In collaboration [...]

Owen’s clause

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Owen Bonnici’s argument about the obligation to enforce EU judgements as a reason not to have anti-SLAPP rules in our law does not hold water. If it did it has become pointless to even bother to legislate at all. Take his initiative of introducing a ‘single-publication rule’ in our libel laws for example. It’s been [...]

Republik: Island of Silence (long read)

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Swiss on line publication Republik is serialising a long feature on Malta after Daphne Caruana Galizia's assassination six months ago. It's in German, but Google Translate works beautifully. Sylke Gruhnwald and Tim Roehn spent long stretches of time in Malta on multiple trips. They also worked with the guys at The Shift News. Take some [...]

When Malta was truly tagħna lkoll

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The choice of Joseph Azzopardi as Chief Justice is remarkably uncontroversial. He was a Labour Party candidate once and served on organs of the Labour Party. But he is not perceived by any stretch of the definition as some plant of the government. The Times of Malta: "Described as an uncontroversial character, Dr Azzopardi is [...]

Andrew Borg-Cardona: Definitely not on, Minister

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Guest post by Andrew Borg-Cardona. Even if I were a journalist, I hope I would not have attended Minister Owen Bonnici’s press conference on Tuesday, when he sought to justify his failure to show support for the media. He sought to explain why he prefers, apparently, to allow corporate bullies to continue to forum shop in [...]

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