Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri: corruption and money laundering. An update on the facts.

2018-04-20T19:36:23+02:00Fri, 20th Apr '18, 17:29|

Simon Busuttil and David Casa with their lawyer Jason Azzopardi again walked into a court-room today to do the job that constitutionally belongs to the police. They revealed no secrets and announced no new discoveries. They documented what has already been published and organised it nice and neatly in a court application that exposes the [...]

Jason Azzopardi: On the hidden circles of power

2018-04-20T19:44:24+02:00Fri, 20th Apr '18, 16:31|

Jason Azzopardi in Parliament unlike you're used to seeing him. There is one painful question above all else. La Repubblica asked it. And many others are asking. If the security services were monitoring the chief assassin for months before the killing, why did they not stop him? How did the accused assassins know ahead of [...]

The impunity must end

2018-04-20T09:09:56+02:00Fri, 20th Apr '18, 09:09|

The image of a policeman walking over banners showing Chris Cardona's mobile number sums it up eloquently enough. France 2 yesterday showed a filmed eyewitness account of someone saying they saw Chris Cardona speak with one of the accused assassins who killed Daphne Caruana Galizia at the time of her death. If the world cannot [...]

Looking for the way out

2018-04-20T09:16:20+02:00Fri, 20th Apr '18, 08:41|

The significance of this Facebook post by Mark Camilleri should not be underestimated. It should not be overestimated either. It is not the lonely wail of a disposable switcher whom the Labour Party can replace by recruiting a dozen former PN voters persuading them to switch sides by some public sector job or planning permit. [...]

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