There was never much hope. Just a fool’s hope.

2018-04-09T18:44:05+02:00Mon, 9th Apr '18, 18:44|

We never expected the Labour Party to be our ally in the fight for free speech. We never expected them to protect journalists. We never dared hope they’d protect The Times of Malta, The Malta Independent and Malta Today. We never saw much chance they would defend Lovin’ Malta or The Shift News. In each [...]

EUROMONEY: “No trust in Malta”

2018-04-09T19:34:32+02:00Mon, 9th Apr '18, 17:25|

Anġlu Farrugia may protect Keith Schembri from answering the question whether Schembri was a wedding guest at the Four Seasons in Florence at Ali Sadr's wedding. But alas he cannot protect Malta from the consequences of the friendship struck between Keith Schembri, Ali Sadr and the rest of the gang of crooks that colonised our [...]

Christian Kaelin tells his side of the story in controlled interview

2018-04-09T11:44:03+02:00Mon, 9th Apr '18, 11:36|

In an interview with 'Investment Migration Insider', a website promoting citizenship-sales schemes, Christian Kaelin responds to criticism of passport sales schemes focusing particularly on Malta and retorting in very much the same vein as Joseph Muscat on similar occasions. Christian Kaelin argues criticism of Henley and Partners is largely the product of "envy of (their) [...]

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