At yesterday’s vigil in Valletta

2018-04-18T08:24:09+02:00Tue, 17th Apr '18, 12:18|

Photos by Jon Borg: This is my speech from yesterday: Sena ilu kont qed niċċekkja x’hemm ġdid fuq il-blog ta’ Daphne kull ftit minuti. F’ħin minnhom wieġbet mistoqsija b’risposta li kien ilna nobsru. Qalet li l-Egrant kienet ta’ Michelle Muscat u l-provi qegħdin Pilatus Bank. Fit-8 ta’ fil-għaxija kont qed nara lill-prim ministru. Qal [...]

The in crowd

2018-04-17T12:01:28+02:00Tue, 17th Apr '18, 11:56|

When Joseph Muscat acquired a fast lane permit in complete defiance of the procedure set at law he wasn’t just giving himself VIP treatment and bragging to his wife that though he cannot change a light bulb to save his life he was a good catch after all. He was reminding everyone how things work. [...]

Provocative banners

2018-04-17T10:36:09+02:00Tue, 17th Apr '18, 10:36|

Here's one. European Capital of Culture chairman covers facade of Valletta landmark with advertising banner having rallied his troops to remove banners covering his own advertising over a Marsa bridge. Nice one, Jason.


2018-04-17T07:59:39+02:00Tue, 17th Apr '18, 06:50|

I don’t know what to expect from The Daphne Project. Starting today we will hear stories developed from the work of Daphne Caruana Galizia, cut short too soon. I do know what to expect from Joseph Muscat and his army. There will be lies, diversions, retorts, and baseless equivalencies. They don’t need to counter facts [...]

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