Oh Glenn!

2018-04-11T07:36:47+02:00Tue, 10th Apr '18, 17:20|

I barely finish writing about how Joseph Muscat’s staff persistently shame the country in the eyes of the world and in steps Glenn Bedingfield with his foot - nay, both his feet - firmly in it. He gets questions from The Guardian and though he does better than his boss – who has been dodging [...]

The Malta image abroad thing

2018-04-10T14:04:28+02:00Tue, 10th Apr '18, 14:04|

Josef Caruana says he wants to be an MEP to compensate for the nasty Nationalists who make Malta look bad in the world. Let’s just look at Josef Caruana’s own record, shall we? And we’ll stick to the highlights. Josef Caruana was the editor of the General Workers’ Union’s l-orizzont. The Malta Independent flattered him [...]

Declaration on Satabank story

2018-04-10T17:18:39+02:00Tue, 10th Apr '18, 08:22|

In my March 3rd story on Satabank I wrote that MyPos, a UK company related to some of the ultimate beneficial ownership of SataBank, was "investigated" for use of its equipment by fraudsters. My report should have stated that fraudsters were investigated, not the supplier of the equipment they use. The error in my report occurred after I reported on a similar [...]

Burmarrad is now Versailles

2018-04-10T06:59:29+02:00Tue, 10th Apr '18, 06:59|

The ‘urgent’ awarding of a planning permit for the prime minister to gut his Burmarrad house is not just embarrassing favouritism. I am not an avukat-perit but I can smell rot as much as the next guy. The permit granted to the prime minister is also illegal. Here’s a summary of the facts. Firstly, Planning [...]

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