The plumbers at FIAU

2018-04-21T06:34:18+02:00Sat, 21st Apr '18, 06:34|

The press rushed down to the FIAU building last night after word spread IT engineers have been called in on a Friday night to change the plumbing. The agency later explained they were upgrading servers to improve capacity while sources from within reported management paranoia the agency was being hacked and needed to improve its [...]

How many propagandists do you need to design a stamp?

2018-04-21T05:51:00+02:00Sat, 21st Apr '18, 05:51|

Postage stamps: remember them? There's still a statutory body, a legacy of a bygone era, that decides on what pictures go on postage stamps. And while it's there, there's still the opportunity to dish out some iced buns. At least three Super 1 propagandists -- Clint Bajda, Clifford Galea, Owen Galea -- have now been [...]

Last night outside Drapers’ Hall, London

2018-04-21T05:11:49+02:00Sat, 21st Apr '18, 05:11|

Joseph Muscat spent the anniversary from when Daphne Caruana Galizia broke the news Pilatus Bank held evidence a Panama company in his wife's name received a cool million in its Dubai account from Azerbaijan's dictator's family cavorting with Christian Kaelin of Henley and Partners. This is the welcome he got. Joseph Muscat and his [...]

STAR COMMENT: Another questionable Keith Schembri transaction

2018-04-21T04:45:10+02:00Sat, 21st Apr '18, 04:45|

In case you missed this comment under another post by Godfrey Leone Ganado: I must also make reference to a highly questionable transaction disclosed in the audited accounts of Keith Schembri's Kasco Holdings Limited for the financial year ended 31 December 2016. An amount of Euro 2,609,453 is showing as a third party loan receivable, [...]

Joseph Calleja: ‘I am a professional’

2018-04-21T04:28:49+02:00Sat, 21st Apr '18, 04:28|

No one can take your voice away and long may it sing and flood the great music halls of the world. But your decency you have given away of your own accord. It is not that you sang at an event that is so representative of the rot that has shamed our country across the [...]

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