Chris Cardona was present at event hours before Daphne’s killing when prime minister took ill

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A report yesterday on The Shift News revealed prime minister Joseph Muscat fainted while delivering a speech at an event on 14 October, 2017, hours before the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. From The Shift News: "The event held at Le Meridien hotel marked the 30th anniversary of a manufacturing company. Two independent eye witnesses who [...]

STAR COMMENT: A million heralds of destruction

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This was sent to me by someone I know of Chinese heritage: In August 1966 Chairman Mao, the “great leader” of China had mobilized more than one million people to a mass meeting in Tiananmen Square, a show of force and beginning of disastrous ten year long Culture Revolution. Joseph Muscat is calling the same style [...]

Yesterday’s screening of “Daphne: The Execution”

2018-04-22T17:34:37+02:00Sun, 22nd Apr '18, 17:34|

A full theatre was moved to tears yesterday by La Repubblica's movie. Not that there was anyone in the room who had not cried over this subject matter several times before or that they do not have yet many more tears to shed. But of all the many excellent documentaries made over the last 6 months [...]

Repercussions for traitors

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The Washington Post. Stop right there for a minute. Not In-Nazzjon. Not the Times of Malta. Not even Daphne Caruana Galizia. The Washington H Post says Malta is writing the 21st century book on how democracies fail. Of course by Malta they mean its government. And by its government they mean Joseph Muscat. Today he [...]

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