The professional secrecy cop-out

2018-04-06T06:44:24+02:00Thu, 5th Apr '18, 18:55|

KPMG’s attempt at auto-absolution just does not work. It’s your bog standard ‘We did what we were supposed to do but we can’t be specific in answer to any question because we owe our customer the protection of their secrets’. KPMG may or may not see what’s happening here. They may or may not have [...]

Everybody’s reading The Financial Times

2018-04-05T10:14:47+02:00Thu, 5th Apr '18, 10:14|

Or everybody should be. They give an in-depth account this morning of what Ali Sadr appears to have been up to before and while being an owner and a Chairman of a Maltese bank. It now turns out one other director of Pilatus Bank, Mustafa Cetinel, was also investigated by the US probe that led [...]

Iranian man on death row, who switched IRISL’s agency to John Dalli’s daughter, helped set up Pilatus Bank

2018-04-05T10:41:20+02:00Thu, 5th Apr '18, 07:34|

Mehdi Shamszadeh, currently waiting in a Tehran prison for a hearing of his appeal from a death sentence for defrauding the Iranian government, was in 2004 commercial director of Iran’s shipping line IRISL when it decided to fire its Malta shipping agent SMS and switch to an agency set up by John Dalli’s daughter, Claire [...]

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