THE SUNDAY TIMES EDITORIAL: Populist and unpatriotic

2018-04-29T08:45:07+02:00Sun, 29th Apr '18, 08:45|

This is how today's Leader on The Sunday Times starts: "Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s first reaction to the Daphne Project revelations – urging Labour supporters to attend the party’s May Day celebrations in large numbers – was outrageous. It is the sort of thing one would expect from an authoritarian leader who only pays lip [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Justice and truth

2018-04-29T08:31:33+02:00Sun, 29th Apr '18, 08:31|

From my piece in The Sunday Times today: "Will your presence in Valletta add up to a crowd that compares favourably with Labour’s sea of angry zealots? No. Do you need it to? No. Should you rather stay at home? No. Because this country belongs to you too and even as they ride roughshod over [...]

GUEST POST: To live without strings

2018-04-29T00:57:52+02:00Sun, 29th Apr '18, 00:56|

Guest post by D.M.: To live without strings A pat on the back With a grin on the side. Shameless in their interest, And whatever else they hide. In boasts of a majority Lies secret their intent. The corruption that they bathe in, Is to them a compliment. They watch and wait for your reaction; [...]


2018-04-29T07:43:37+02:00Sun, 29th Apr '18, 00:50|

Guest post by Andrew Borg Cardona: If you’re sick of the stench of corruption and vileness that has enveloped the country since Joseph Muscat scuttled up the steps to Castille, you know where you need to be on Sunday afternoon. If you’re sick of the ignorance and outright thuggishness that have become the standard form [...]

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