I have been following you for a couple of months now. Since the tragic demise of Daphne Caruana Galizia, I struggled to find a newspaper or blog that transpired the real situation in Malta. I read her blog once and since then followed her avidly. She was the only light that in a very dark place that showed what was really going on.

I see some of her traits as a journalist in you, and that brings a shred of hope. I am not a patriot, I do not hate this rock, but I am starting to feel a sense of doom for us all. I am a 34-year-old woman, I never had any passion for politics, but I always observed what was going on. Never in my life, I have thought that we would end up in this state- where the two main parties are both ponces (pardon my French).

If I had my health, I would have migrated a long time ago. I thank God every day for the fact that I have no children, for what kind of future, could Malta have offered them?. While this situation plays out, it’s like the majority of the Maltese are in a coma. They might march and protest but what are we really doing to change this situation?

The government is what it is, but the opposition? Well, I always was a supporter of the Nationalist party, I have seen first-hand the changes to our society and the strive to change for the better, thanks to Eddie Fenech Adami and Lawrence Gonzi. But it seems the opposition and the government are in cahoots to destroy not only the good work that the former governments did, but they also managed to taint Malta’s name for all the world.

It’s like we are in the twilight zone, there is no hope for change and observing how the majority of the people are reacting I have lost all faith. In my humble opinion (I am no intellectual, nor do I pretend to be) unless the Nationalist Party is swept clean from top to bottom, we are doomed. Perhaps I am over dramatic but I am concerned.

If the Nationalist Party ever were to win the election, we will end up with another crook, just a different name.

I apologise for my ramblings, I wanted to thank you, and hope your blog will continue with its success.