Sent in by Santana on the drama about the publication of the Egrant inquiry report.

Procès-verbaux have been questioned in court cases and partially or completely discredited before. Court experts appointed by inquiring magistrates have been grilled in court. Magistrates have concluded investigations which then had to be opened again.

This begs the question: Why is this particular process verbal being held up as the biblical equivalent of an investigation that is the end all of all forms of enquiry? More to the political point: Why are both major party leaders agreeing to uphold this obviously erroneous stance?

I believe the reason is that this particular kettle of fish is not going to court, therefore, no incisive mind will get the chance to formally delve into the chinks of the armour that the PM and the Leader of the Opposition have donned and feel so bullish in.

This inane charade of having the process verbal published or otherwise is becoming ridiculous. The PM said he would like it to be published in full. Why does he not publish his first edition? Adrian Delia also wants a copy, heaven knows why. Why didn’t he ask the PM for one?