Konrad Mizzi is likely making you pay for adverts aimed at distracting you from the money he’s skimming off your electricity bills.

A crook is a crook is a crook.

No sooner has the evidence he’s been expecting to be published for some time that the supplier he signed a power station deal with created a Dubai company to pay him a $150,000 a month in bribes and kickbacks was out, then a disgusting online ad campaign telling us why we should be grateful to him started besieging the country all over Facebook.

And the bill for those adverts is almost certainly being collected by the taxpayers. Previous campaigns of the sort were charged to the exchequer. There is no reason to think this is any different.

The cynicism is unbelievable.

Konrad Mizzi — along with Keith Schembri who understands the first rule of Fight Club better than Mizzi — sealed a deal before the 2013 election to get a slice of every energy bill you pay for the next 18 years syphoned off to his secret bank accounts outside the country.

He got you to vote for him as he convinced you you’d be better off with his energy plan. But what he really had in mind was how he was going to make millions at your expense.

He should be in handcuffs. Instead, he’s being driven around at your pleasure, ferried to meetings to discuss how he is going to make you forget that the evidence against him is irrepressible.

As Le Monde put it Saturday, all the suspicion of corruption in Joseph Muscat’s close quarters has now been confirmed.

There’s no point in disputing the facts anymore.

Instead, Konrad Mizzi is now running an ad campaign on why it was acceptable for him to collect a bribe because now, allegedly, you are breathing cleaner air and paying less for your electricity than the puritan Nationalists would have provided you with.

As if to say ‘my corruption is good for you’.

I have it on reliable sources that the police have had a discussion on moving on Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri given the pressure the authorities are under to act on the back of all the evidence that has been published. It’s not like they need to do much digging anymore.

The excuse they are giving themselves to stay away from handcuffing these crooks is that no evidence has yet been published to show that the money that got to 17 Black was ultimately transferred to Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi.

It’s absolutely no excuse. That’s like excusing a rapist because he didn’t manage to get an erection.

Really the logic of a police force that only solves murders if committed on the high street and the murdered drenched in the blood of his victim walks into the police station with a sandwich sign saying ‘I did it’ and fluffy handcuffs purchased at the Ann Summers Christmas sale.

A serious crime has been committed here and the real scandal now is that even with all the evidence in our hands the police refuse to do anything about it. That, in and of itself is a crime.

Then there’s a court order to the police to investigate, issued more than a year ago on Simon Busuttil’s request, blocked in court with the creative forum shopping of Joseph Muscat’s lawyers. He, Konrad Mizzi’s boss, and architect of this cover up. Needless to say, the court order does not need to survive all these legal fireworks for the police to have the moral and legal obligation to act on a crime they are aware of.

If you’re angry, sit down and watch Konrad Mizzi’s adverts about how grateful to him you should be. After all, you’re probably paying for them.

Or maybe join our protest Friday 16th November at 7 pm outside the court building.