‘Erba’ biċċiet bloggers’ Or ‘Stand by your man’

2019-01-03T17:37:22+01:00Thu, 3rd Jan '19, 17:37|

Pierre Portelli is right. The Nationalist Party is not a bunch of bloggers that believe they have some claim on the party. It most certainly isn’t. His statement on Facebook of today is a whiff of grapeshot that upgrades the case for Adrian Delia’s defence from the character witnesses — his law office partner of [...]

Did you see it coming?

2019-01-03T10:52:19+01:00Thu, 3rd Jan '19, 10:52|

I promise not to reveal punchlines. Well, just one. I went to see the Comedy Knights last night. The experience was not quite as intense as last year’s but there was a more enthusiastic appetite for laughter and the crew fed that appetite most heartily. As I always like to say when I write these [...]

Race to the bottom

2019-01-03T09:49:08+01:00Thu, 3rd Jan '19, 09:49|

In 2015 Anton Borg was President of the Chamber of Commerce. He received Simon Busuttil and a PN delegation to discuss the PN’s economic program of the time. It was a case of the Opposition trying to project the image of a government in waiting. But Anton Borg had other things on his mind: “it [...]

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