Roberto Saviano: Malta and Italy — open for criminals, closed for women and children at the mercy of the sea

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This was posted a short while ago by Italian journalist Roberto Saviano. Sums it up well. My translation is beneath. "Malta is the European gateway for untraceable dirty money coming from all over the world. Italy is the country where the most dangerous and powerful mafie that exist hide, spreading out everywhere for more than [...]

Star Comment: After the court’s ruling today

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This was sent in by Chris in response to my earlier post on Judge Giovanni Grixti's decision today effectively saying that anyone complaining to the court when the police fail to investigate a crime, must first investigate and prove the crime themselves. It's a good thing that my readers' memories are better than mine. "hardly [...]

NGOs call on government to let the 49 migrants come on shore

2019-01-08T17:02:32+01:00Tue, 8th Jan '19, 17:02|

This statement was released today by 44 local organisations: People are more important We are appalled beyond words that, after 18 days of negotiations, 49 men, women and children remain stuck on a boat within sight of the Maltese shore. In spite of countless calls for solidarity, European Member States have not managed to find a diplomatic solution [...]

In his mind

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It is reassuring that Adrian Delia is conscious of his own delusions. Repeatedly in his Times Talk interview with Herman Grech he kept premising his more outlandish claims with the prefix ‘in my mind’. It’s a big leap from ‘stat ta’ fatt’. In his mind indeed. In his mind he’s supported in the party. In [...]

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