Layers of revenge

2019-01-30T18:00:09+01:00Wed, 30th Jan '19, 17:58|

You take a step back for a minute and what is at first inexplicable, starts making sense. Anton Refalo is accused of beating his son. Again I will not go into the reasons why the circumstances  might explain his behaviour. In every situation there may or may not be extenuating circumstances but I have no [...]

Strasbourg court orders Italy to provide food, medicine and legal aid to migrants trapped aboard SeaWatch

2019-01-30T18:02:48+01:00Wed, 30th Jan '19, 17:17|

The European Court of Human Rights ordered today the Italian government to “to take all necessary measures, as soon as possible, to provide (Sea Watch 3 migrants trapped outside Syracuse) adequate medical care, food, water and basic supplies". The Court also ordered Italy to give 15 unaccompanied minors aboard the Sea Watch "adequate legal assistance [...]

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