Unanswered question

2019-01-02T14:59:32+01:00Wed, 2nd Jan '19, 14:57|

The US’s National Public Radio published on New Year’s Eve a link to important international stories from 2018 that readers and listeners may have missed in “the year’s relentless news cycle”. Some stories are too important to just walk away from even when Donald Trump is putting into question the deepest mores of western liberal [...]

Annoyed Kuwaitis

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Then Foreign Minister George Vella visiting the Emir of Kuwait al-Sabah in 2015 There was a time when in Kuwait they knew about Malta because that was where the UN General Assembly President who argued for international intervention after Iraq invaded and occupied their country was from. The Arab Times — a Kuwaiti English language [...]

It’s just allegations

2019-01-02T09:29:25+01:00Wed, 2nd Jan '19, 09:29|

Rob Porter with Donald Trump. Picture: Reuters. Donald Trump’s White House is not a model of civic virtue and accountable public administration. You’ll be forgiven if you’ve forgotten this episode from almost a year ago. It’s one of so many. David Sorensen resigned his job as a speechwriter at the White House after his wife [...]

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

2019-01-02T08:52:05+01:00Wed, 2nd Jan '19, 08:52|

You would want to assume it’s just an accident. But just when PN script-writers are trying to dispel the suspicion they are in the thrall of Labour and are seeking to imitate it instead of defeating it, Adrian Delia is given a speech for the new year headlining a Labour Party slogan. True, no one [...]

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