Targeting the messenger

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Read this report by the Index on Censorship ‘Mapping Media Freedom’ project on the extreme pressure places on European journalists to quit the story. The report identifies under-financing and business models that don’t over proper support for journalism and a “litany of methods” employed as a direct means to censor journalists as the two sides [...]

It’s not defamation if it’s true.

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Now, what explanation could there possibly be for Keith Schembri to refuse to answer questions in court on 17 Black and Macbridge? That sounds a bit facetious, I get it. But consider that the case we’re talking about here is one he instituted himself in his own defence when Simon Busuttil drew his own conclusion [...]

Not human

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When the story of our time is told, they won’t be talking much about the great architectural feats of the towers on St George’s Bay or the prosperity on the back of sold passports. They will be writing about us going out to dinner while people drown at sea. In 1996 Daniel Goldhagen took a [...]

Guest Post: Is Malta a failing democracy? (Part 1)

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The author, Annika Palome, is a freelance journalist and a Master in International Law, currently doing a post-graduate degree in International Cooperation and Development Sciences. This is the first in a three-part series. When Western Europeans talk of an authoritarian regime, they would usually refer to communist or fascist states such as North Korea, China or Cuba.  But the road from democracy to authoritarianism is much more conceivable than we would think; it does not require an overthrow of the government, revolution, or coup d’état. All [...]

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