You win or you die

2019-01-09T16:52:01+01:00Wed, 9th Jan '19, 16:51|

The President of the PN Executive told The Sunday Times a few days ago his committee will be discussing the current state of play in the party, which would of course be a discussion on whether Adrian Delia should remain the leader. In the meantime other newspaper reports suggest that Mark Anthony Sammut has had [...]

Guest Post: In the wise man’s words

2019-01-09T14:21:57+01:00Wed, 9th Jan '19, 14:21|

Rather than write a guest post in my own words, I would much rather quote and bring to the public's attention the words of Giovanni Bonello from the preface to "Misunderstanding the Constitution". "The very last bulwarks that protect democracy, that assert the rule of law, that foster the ethics of the Constitution, when these [...]

We must keep knocking on the door

2019-01-09T14:03:05+01:00Wed, 9th Jan '19, 14:03|

When justice is not granted, it must still be demanded. We can’t just give up. Unlike what the Labour Party and its many bedfellows in the Nationalist Party think the pursuit of justice is not a game. It does not have winners or losers. If justice is not served on criminals because they are powerful [...]

Jacques Rene Zammit: Judge Grixti’s ruling is faulty

2019-01-09T07:23:15+01:00Wed, 9th Jan '19, 07:23|

Lawyer and legal blogger Jacques Rene Zammit ( commented on yesterday's Panama Papers decision by Judge Giovanni Grixti. He was developing the argument on an excellent analysis by Twitterer BugM which gives more reasons why what has happened is so wrong. The two remind the court that like murder, money laundering is a crime even [...]

Judge Grixti did more than make it pointless to ask for an inquiry; he made it impossible to convict anyone of money laundering

2019-01-09T07:31:35+01:00Wed, 9th Jan '19, 06:48|

Judge Giovanni Grixti’s decision yesterday is truly ground breaking. For altogether the wrong reasons. Consider how he concludes that the Panama Papers and the documents revealed out of Mossack Fonseca’s servers are a “hack” and cannot therefore be considered as grounds for an inquiry. Judges and prosecutors from all over the world, by Judge Giovanni [...]

Beyond the beyond the bizarre

2019-01-09T06:23:11+01:00Wed, 9th Jan '19, 06:23|

You may have not had had the time to read the entire speech by Judge Vincent De Gaetano about rule of law in Malta a few weeks ago. He was speaking about the state of rule of law in Malta and if you take one thing from that speech, make it this choice quote: "Malta [...]

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