A painful memory

2019-01-15T10:13:16+01:00Tue, 15th Jan '19, 10:13|

On a comments board of this website, May Borg shared a comment Daphne Caruana Galizia had written as the moderator of the comments under her own website. Even those who read her blog very rarely will remember the post by seeing this image: It was February 2016 and Daphne told her readers she was bursting [...]

Guest Post: Why they want him to stay on

2019-01-15T10:00:08+01:00Tue, 15th Jan '19, 10:00|

Desmond Zammit Marmarà opens his preposterous blog on Newsbook by saying that he is “a Labour Party supporter and therefore one of those who have absolutely no wish to see Dr Adrian Delia as Prime Minister of Malta.” He concludes by reaffirming that he is “one of those who will continue doing my utmost to [...]

PN youth wing ‘likes’ post criticising party leadership

2019-01-15T09:48:21+01:00Tue, 15th Jan '19, 09:47|

Though not quite the ANC youth wing, the MŻPN seems to be flexing its muscles. Occupy Justice posted yesterday on their Twitter account one of their biting series “True Warriors” that highlights massive gaps in positions that an Opposition party would normally be expected to take. A post yesterday by Occupy Justice reminded the PN [...]

Owen’s task force

2019-01-15T09:18:41+01:00Tue, 15th Jan '19, 09:18|

This is Strasbourg yesterday. They keep the Christmas elves in their shop windows rather longer there. The mementoes left there are in memory of the victims of the December terror attack. Some will say that's incomparable with the ones activists leave in Valletta since Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed because that's more than a year [...]

Short cash

2019-01-15T08:57:40+01:00Tue, 15th Jan '19, 08:57|

The argument that Adrian Delia’s private affairs are his own rings hollower than ever now. Times of Malta published a breakdown of Adrian Delia’s monthly expenses excluding of course the cost of his existence. Adrian Delia is sleeping somewhere which is not his home so he must be paying some form of rent. Clearly he’s [...]

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