#occupyjustice: The Crumbling Pillars of Malta

2019-01-16T21:21:27+01:00Wed, 16th Jan '19, 21:21|

This statement was issued by Occupy Justice this evening: Three huge banners depicting Three Crumbling Pillars of Democracy were unfurled opposite the building of the Maltese parliament this evening in Valletta by #occupyjustice activists to mark 15 months since the assassination of the journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. The banners showed three collapsing columns symbolising the executive (the government); the legislature (parliament) and the [...]

Maria Efimova receives Special Recognition Award from Blueprint for Free Speech

2019-01-16T10:30:26+01:00Wed, 16th Jan '19, 19:45|

Pilatus Bank whistleblower Maria Efimova is being honoured tonight by Australian-based free speech organisation ‘Blueprint for Free Speech’.  Past awardees include Chelsea Manning who spent 7 years in prison for revealing war crimes perpetrated by the US military, John Kiriakou who uncovered the use of torture by the US intelligence community, Raj Mattu who uncovered [...]

Friends of animals

2019-01-16T14:04:22+01:00Wed, 16th Jan '19, 14:04|

Eight mallards flew over Valletta and the event was so extraordinarily rare that the self-proclaimed bird-shooter in Joseph Muscat’s government shoots them with the only gun he’s allowed to carry inside the Auberge de Castille: the hi-res camera on the back of his phone. This guy, Clint Camilleri, who can’t sit through a Cabinet meeting [...]

Touch of class

2019-01-16T13:49:06+01:00Wed, 16th Jan '19, 13:40|

Please see this post on Lovin Malta reviewing a new TV show on PN TV station Net. It’s in that Lovin Malta taking the Mickey style of theirs so you might at first get the impression this is a breezy crit of another painfully unwatchable piece of junk on Maltese television. Who the hell watches [...]

Further away from democracy than we’ve ever been

2019-01-16T12:25:38+01:00Wed, 16th Jan '19, 12:25|

Robert Musumeci continued his passionate campaign in defence of Adrian Delia in a Times Talk interview today. Even though most of us are neither architects nor lawyers and even less of us are both, we can all see Robert Musumeci’s cunning plan for what it is. He is deeply invested in the status quo and [...]

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