Choosing Malta

2019-01-25T12:28:41+01:00Fri, 25th Jan '19, 12:28|

The report on Times of Malta about the increasing unhappiness of expatriates living in Malta confirms anecdotal evidence and the direct experience of many people. Some would say that speaking to people who have been bitten by Satabank might give you a skewed picture. But that incident — still ongoing — is representative of a [...]

Shall we talk about human rights?

2019-01-25T10:58:52+01:00Fri, 25th Jan '19, 10:58|

Seen on Facebook It’s not that Recep Erdogan is going to change his ways if Marie Louise Coleiro Preca tells him to. And it’s not like expecting her to tell Recep Erdogan that Malta stands for human rights, free expression and the rule of law is a realistic prospect in this universe. After all she [...]

Anonymous fascist tells PN Councillors party ‘crocodiles’ should be tried and “handed over to members for disposal”

2019-01-25T10:11:19+01:00Fri, 25th Jan '19, 10:10|

Several PN Councillors have received in their postal mailbox a letter signed cryptically by someone describing himself as “Chairman, Djalogu għas-Sewwa” calling for support to party leader Adrian Delia and the “disposal” of “insubordinate crocodiles”. The letter is the last in a series that have been dispatched by conventional mail to Party Councillors bearing the [...]

MEPs ask EU Commission whether Venice Commission report should start rule of law process on Malta

2019-01-25T08:50:36+01:00Fri, 25th Jan '19, 08:50|

Three Members of the European Parliament have tabled a question to the European Commission asking whether after reading the Venice Commission’s report on Malta they now are willing to “engage in a constructive dialogue under the rule of law framework”. That’s euro-speak for effective pressure on Malta to undergo reforms or face political consequences. The [...]

Guest Post: Is Malta a failing democracy? (Part 2)

2019-02-02T10:31:05+01:00Fri, 25th Jan '19, 07:52|

Part 1 of this series was posted yesterday. In recent years Malta has been rocked with a number of revelations of widespread corruption, erosion of free speech, and degradation of rule of law which tarnished its presidency of the European Union. Malta’s Prime Minister Muscat has brushed of these accusations as ”a coordinated attack on Malta by jealous countries”, but in reality, [...]

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