Pick on someone your own size

2019-01-06T17:27:06+01:00Sun, 6th Jan '19, 17:27|

Political parties are clearly not used to civil society groups campaigning on democratic rights, anti-corruption and exemplary public life. Not here anyway. The PN’s story, published this morning on Il-Mument after a litmus test on Labour’s One TV last Wednesday and then carried by the PN’s official Facebook page, is another salvo in a series [...]

Mark Anthony Sammut shows common sense is not extinct

2019-01-06T17:14:45+01:00Sun, 6th Jan '19, 17:14|

A few days ago a guest author on this blog reminded PN officials the party’s statute gives them the responsibility to step up whenever the Leader of the party is unequal to his job. That author focused on Mark Anthony Sammut among others, as President of the party’s executive committee. That committee groups together elected [...]

Guest Post: The road to oblivion has started

2019-01-06T09:42:28+01:00Sun, 6th Jan '19, 09:42|

Another former high ranking advisor in the PN ranks writes in. The author is known to me and writes on condition of anonymity. The PN seems to have become professional in its efforts to become irrelevant. The Party that changed Malta, built a modern economy, opened the gates to education, carved a middle-class and propelled us to Europe seems to have not only got paralysed but is quickly descending into oblivion. The writing has been on [...]

Adrian Delia in “fit of rage” damages office furniture when he discovers WhatsApp leaks

2019-01-06T09:24:59+01:00Sun, 6th Jan '19, 09:24|

Employees of the Nationalist Party and Media Link, the PN’s media company, have told this website on condition of anonymity that on Thursday morning Adrian Delia was heard shouting in apoplectic rage and blaspheming profusely apparently when he learned the nature of the WhatsApp videos making the rounds, some of which appear to have been [...]

A test of civilisation

2019-01-06T09:20:21+01:00Sun, 6th Jan '19, 09:20|

I reported for The Sunday Times this morning a visit Archbishop Charles Scicluna paid to the crew of Mission Lifeline, one of the civilian rescue boats trapped in the Maltese harbour while its captain faces criminal action for saving lives at sea. The visit itself is an act of defiance as it happens in spite of court-ordered restrictions on boarding the vessel. But Charles Scicluna was not there to protest yesterday. He was there to support volunteers who have given up chunks of their life to help save people they do not know from slavery, wrongful [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: MPs: crisis of leadership

2019-01-06T08:46:34+01:00Sun, 6th Jan '19, 08:46|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "You’d expect all those self-appointed apotheoses of leadership – 65 MPs – to be doing something about the allegations. But they are not, because they turn out not to possess one leadership bone in all their bodies. "All these MPs, sitting across the House, are concerned with [...]

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