Der Untergang

2019-01-07T19:00:22+01:00Mon, 7th Jan '19, 19:00|

Things may be coming to a head at the Nationalist Party. It is hard to say if this could be the time when Adrian Delia finds he has gone too far and that these last set of revelations end up convincing enough people that he is not fit for purpose. In that now famous WhatsApp [...]

Lovin Malta requests retraction by Opposition Leader and PN media of false and libellous claims

2019-01-07T12:49:45+01:00Mon, 7th Jan '19, 12:46|

I am reproducing Lovin Malta's statement from their website in its entirety here, with their permission. You can read the original on their own page here. I do so because I think this is the appropriate response from independent media confronted by political parties seeking to slip away from accountability by shooting the messenger. There is no reason to think Lovin Malta's motivation is the service of the Labour Party. If I agreed with everything they wrote, there would be [...]

Let them in

2019-01-07T11:52:29+01:00Mon, 7th Jan '19, 11:52|

When a traffic accident happens and people are wounded, the emergency services that come on site do not start by taking out the measuring tape to draw the sketch and determine culpability. They start by doing triage, putting the wounded in ambulances, the most seriously hurt first and making sure the area is not of [...]

Sometimes the answer is no

2019-01-07T09:44:05+01:00Mon, 7th Jan '19, 09:11|

In the days and weeks following the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia several people came together to take up the cause for truth and justice. A big part of that was a consequence of the choices the Nationalist Party was making. I remember when my wife decided to call up her friends so they would [...]

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