Who’s running then?

2019-01-28T20:34:21+01:00Mon, 28th Jan '19, 20:34|

The Broadcasting Authority said today candidates for the European Parliament will be allowed in February to advertise their events on radio. That would be a trial but “if the scheme works well, with everyone’s cooperation, there is a greater possibility that it would be renewed for the following months”. It’s an odd scheme since MEP [...]

Ministerial crime

2019-01-28T12:28:50+01:00Mon, 28th Jan '19, 12:26|

Granted that a maxim for democratic life is ‘the majority gets to decide’. You need to finish that sentence. The majority gets to decide who governs the country, but it cannot alter other maxims for democratic life, such as ‘the law is equal for everyone’. If it did, all we’re left with would be a [...]

Secretiveness is a problem

2019-01-28T09:50:14+01:00Mon, 28th Jan '19, 09:48|

For the first time ‘sources’ in the investigation of Satabank have actually said something about what they found and why the freezing of the bank’s transaction was justified. The sources say it’s bad. Very, very bad. Satabank handled transactions worth billions of euro that are “suspicious”. That’s bureaucrat-speak for ‘we know it’s criminal money but [...]

Remember to forget

2019-01-28T08:50:31+01:00Mon, 28th Jan '19, 08:47|

Yesterday marked Holocaust Memorial Day. There were many articles worth reading marking the event. I was especially struck by this one on The New York Times. It tells the story of Aristides de Sousa Mendes, a Portuguese diplomat who defied his government’s orders and issued visas to Jews escaping discriminatory laws and the violence that [...]

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